Weight Loss Tips

Cucumber soup for weight loss :

Cucumber might be a good addition to your diet if you are looking to shed some weight and have a fit body. Because, a host of benefits and versatility, Cucumber is a wonderful veggie to add to your meals.

You have been trying to shed those extra kilos. You must have realized how tough it is to get a fit body. With innumerable fad diets exercises and other do’s one can easily lose track of what to do, If not the weight.


  1. one cucumber
  2. one bowl of yogurt
  3. one tea spoon fennel seeds
  4. tang of lime

All blend together , this cold soup recipe is one of the best to prepare this season. It will not boost metabolism and aid weight loss but will also keep you hydrated all day .The addition of fennel seeds with Cucumber in this soup doubles the health benefits, fennel seeds is known to have better nutrient absorbing properties from food that helps in quick digestion

Add this soup to your diet and see results that are actually helpful for your health and weight loss.

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