Paralysis must be taken care of :

The health of the man in the family seems to be deteriorating paralysis of a family-based man is paralyzing if you do not get the treatment on time, you will not be able to move. So it is better to take care before the onset of paralysis for this we need to take care of most of them let’s take a look at some restrictions on maintaining good health while taking good care.


High blood pressure can increase the risk of paralysis, so care should be taken not to increase blood pressure ensure that blood pressure does not exceed 120/80, if you have high blood pressure , follow the diet and exercise efforts should be made to reduce blood pressure by following the rules ensure that the foods you eat contain the right nutrients if your blood pressure is not under control then the Doctor should prescribe medication


Atrial fibrillation (heartbeat clutter) is 5 times more likely to be paralyzed if the heartbeat is fast and fast, you should consult your doctor immediately when and where should the heartbeat matter oil food fast food should not be consumed by anyone of any age doing something like morning walking yoga is essential to your health follow up doctors advise on prescribing medications to control the formation of blood clots in the brain medicine should be taken on the advice of the doctor.


Inflamation begins with the begins with the swelling process in the osteoporosis this contributes to the increased risk of paralysis. So steps should be taken to reduce stress many things shold not be done at once the working environment should be kept calm


The risk of paralysis is 1.5 times greater for people with diabetes they have high blood glucose levels which can damage blood vessels obesity is high in people with diabetes who are at increased risk of heart disease and paralysis weight loss must be regulated by taking unripe grains,fresh vegitabes and fruits because fiber is so good, a person needs about 25 grams of fiber per day 7% paralysis decreases with every 7% high fiber content. cigarettes rolls tobacco products such as these should not burn the original blood vessels and thus increase the risk of paralysis.bad cholestrol LDL is often associated with good HDL cholestrol if the blood vessels become closed ,the risk is increased blood vessels that supply blood to the brain can become paralyzed

Do not do your own experiments while in the presence of a doctor should provide immediate medical attention it is advisable to exercise the food control body before the onset of paralysis.But once the stroke is diagnosed, healing must be done in the presence of doctor.

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