Fever, causes and it’s precautions

The optimal temperature of human body is 37 degrees C. If any higher than this is noticed, we can call it as fever. But fever itself is not a disease, It is an indication of something else happening in your body. For example, when you are suffering with cold or any infection etc..,

High temperature in body is not always because of fever, Sometimes it may be because of :

  1. Wearing Tight garments
  2. After workouts/Gym
  3. High temperature in surroundings
  4. Change in body hormones

Also, when a mosquito bites anybody, It releases saliva into human blood which causes fever depending on mosquito types. Some mosquitoes cause Malaria and other may cause Dengue and so on.Malaria, is mainly caused by the Anopheles belonging to mosquito species. To avoid this type of mosquitoes, we need to clean our surroundings and keep it hygiene.

Mainly because these mosquitoes spread the parasites of the genus Plasmodium. This enters into the liver and destroys the Red Blood Cells. When this happens the patient suffers from cold fever. This starts with fever at high temperatures such as 103-104 degrees and head ache and back-pain and also vomiting sensation.

In some cases, This Plasmodium parasite may enter into the brain which causes Cerebral Malaria. The symptoms for these are high fever and thick colored urine. This is also called Black water Fever. In these cases, Immediate consultation of doctor is necessary.


  1. Keep your surroundings hygiene.
  2. Clean the places where water is stagnant.
  3. Keep your food boxes closed.
  4. Consult Doctor when you feel symptoms of malaria.

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